Conquering Machining Challenges

Magna Machining has been manufacturing high quality precision parts since 1997 for a wide range of industries including aerospace, robotics and custom automation.


Magna is postured to take care of your manufacturing needs. Short lead times are critical. Our machinists do their own programming, quality assurance and complete their own work from start to finish.


Magna has established high quality anodize suppliers that provide both soft and hard coat finishes and specialize in technical masking. Black Oxide and Passivation are also available.

Engineering & Design

With a clear understanding of the balance between cost and design function, our staff works very well with engineers regarding the manufacturability of their part designs, specifications and material selections.

Quality Control

With a goal of consistency for our customers, Magna operates with an ISO 9001 based systems driven manufacturing environment. Our adaptive process routing system in process quality philosophy and material tracking system helps to insure repeatability and traceability from Purchase Order all the way to finished part.

We'd like the opportunity to work with you.

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